>>> a wonderful summer is promised. A patch of West Coast land, will such potential.

>>> dig, dig Mr.Cunningham… it’s gonna be different, gonna be grand.

>>> maybe if you dig deep enough you’ll find what you are looking for.

>>> the project misses only one piece… one hopes he’ll come around – twinkle.




Paul Cunningham to Henne Kirkeby Kro. 

Michelin chef Paul Cunningham from Copenhagen’s starred restaurant, The Paul, will, from March 30 be taking over the helm at the idyllic inn Henne Kirkeby Kro, in the west of Denmark.

I am looking most forward to the task, a kid in a sweet shop. I’ve always dreamt the idea of having a kitchen garden attached to a concept, now I have been given the chance. An acre or so of prime land has been cultivated over the past few years, now its time to take the garden, and my kitchen to new heights, says Paul Cunningham.

Only a few hours from Copenhagen, Henne Kirkeby Kro lies a few miles from Denmark’s west coast. The surrounding nature is truly fantastic, unspoilt. I have taken The Paul ’on the road’ many times and have always been met with open arms whilst cooking in the west, happy I am indeed to be returning for this summer season.

Paul continues – We will be bringing our warm souls to Henne, cooking simple honest dishes with beautiful local ingredients – we will create a real destination restaurant from Henne, contributing to the heart, passion and work that the Skouboe family have invested into Henne Kirkeby Kro from day one.

My old pal Garrey Dawson, that I first met when he was leading Heston Blumenthal’s kitchen at The Fat Duck it there too. He, together with his small team have created a wonderfully strong platform resulting in Henne Kirkeby Kro’s success until now. We have spoken together often about the project, now is the right time to implement the next phase of Henne’s growth.
Owner Simon Skouboe – Paul Cunningham will be taking over the kitchen from Allan Poulsen. Allan has, over the past few years done wonders for Henne Kirkeby Kro. We are now very happy indeed that with Paul Cunningham and his team, we may continue to lift the inn’s can gastronomic niveau, – looking good it is too…

hennekirkebykro.dk; garreyd@hennekirkebykro.dk, +45 2751 9515
PAULFOOD.COM; info@paulfood.com


Last week we threw ourselves over the idyllic little restaurant Kanalen, perched upon the quay, alongside Christianhavn’s canal. And a most wonderful week it was. The busy lunchtime service though, took a bit of getting used to – everyday at 1130 am the doors of the little house were flung open…

Refreshing it was indeed to cook something entirely different. Instead of intricate little flavour combinations, small garnishes and far-too-anal-creations, we cooked real food, we had a blast. Beer batters were whisked and fish & chips were served with lashings of mayonnaise spiked with caramelised lemon… and the fishcakes, ohhh! the fishcakes. Potatoes baked within their skins, riced through Ander’s old mouli, dill’ed slightly and heavily seasalt & pepper’ed, whole eggs and fresh fish > skate, brill, cod, whatever we had left from our daily box. Formed, chilled, egg’ed and crumbed… the little beauties were fried to a golden crisp and served piping hot with piccalilli spiced veg and baby gem adorned with a good drizzle of mormor dressing… yum’a’doodle’doo they were.

Overlooking the frozen snakeskin-like canal the fourty-odd hungry lunchtime guests hit us every day. The first day was rather chaotic, but we soon though fell into the zone. Kanalen’s spiced stegt sild was a triumph, their tartar of veal amazed, and our Gascony Garbure of duck confit, challottes & cabbage warmed. Pop’s Calvados caramel’ed baked apples were washed down with a serious glug of organic double cream… my apologies.

We finished the week in a most splendid manor…. 20-odd dishes to 40-odd lovelies, images will follow.


…… an indeed, well-knitted, Union Jack teacosy. With obligatory bobble, and of a snug fitting position.

May God save the Queen.


Always the problem, just like that dreaded local wine, bought when holiday’ing down south, “it tasted sooo good when we whilst sunning’n’grilling, tastes bloody awful now though”. The special Christmas brews have the same, somewhat non-appeal in our house, buying far too many of them throughout the run-up to all things Yule… but it’s the thought that counts.

Braised beef & onions… warmed my oldest and best’est pot (Le’C, in orange of course). Lashings of olive oil and threw in peeled, not-too-big Samsø onions and a whole blub of peeled garlic, browning lightly. Laying in the blade, a superb title for a truly wonderful shoulder cut of the beast, roasting until dark brown and most delightfully caramelised. Seasoned it heavily with sea salt and fresh gound black pepper, I poured over a whole bottle of Jacobsen Christmas Ale, a most lovely tipple around Christmas but slightly too sweet and spiced for my January tastebuds. Letting the pot reduce a little, beef stock was layed upon, yes, layed upon… a most gelatinus little number made by Mr.Lundø aka Lil’bror, during his last few days at The Paul. An enormous bag’a’beef’bones>browned>boiled>bubbled, reduced to a sticky, rich loveliness.

Lid on, me thinks I’ll give it a couple of hours in a low oven, whilst I take tea and write this little note to you gorgeous ones.    



Beautiful folk talk, tongues a’wag and rumours are spread… I imagine it’s better to be gossip’ed about, than not.

Love it we do. So much so that we’ve said ‘yes’ to a wonderful little project, within the most charming of houses.

We’ll be treading the fine boards of Christianshavn’s tiny gem of a restaurant Kanalen from January 31 to February 4.

‘Guesting’ with Kanalen‘s people, are we looking most forward to. Young Andreas & the noble René, fine they are indeed.

Relaxed luncheons will be followed by informal dinners during the week, and on the Saturday, something a little different.

>>> for lunch we’ll prepare, fantastic sustainable fish & chips will be burnt lemon mayonnaise’d… superb fishcakes, piccalilli’ed… herrings, spiced… winter cabbage & duck confit, garbure’d & parsley’ed… and apples caramel’ed, adorned with double cream.

>>> of an evening chilled panje corks will pop, scallops will roast with onion’s blanc, pear & Montgomery cheddar… winter’s best cod, kale’d and toast buttered… sparkling bass lardon’ed with sage’d artichoke… truffle’d Highland Broth of royal pheasant… Andreas’ sorbets churned, infusions herbed.    

Look most forward to seeing you folk there we are, missed you dearly we have.

Warmest, loveliest winter regards, Paul, Daniel & co. 

For lunch and dinner reservations please call Andreas & René of Kanalen on + 45 3295 1330


>SUPERHEROES< chez Anton Dam on Frederiksberg, Copenhagen folks… for your kind information of course.

A shy little effeminate Capt.America looking for his Obama… not-too-sure and playing a trifle hard-to-get.

A Montana’ed, Teenage Obama, going out as >Yeswecanman< in his GQ pose… and our lush lipped Little Sailor Seaman, first floored all alone.

… now retro lamp’ed > now much happier.

We do hope you enjoy. Signed, hanging and for Christmas presents, until Yuletide. 

Gallery & design boutique Anton Dam on Frederiksberg, Copenhagen.




… and then the time came. Folk had been baging on about a soupe turrine, spotted from our balcony table. The phenomenon that is Mr. Thøstesen’s VGE truffle soupe would surely not be landing upon our table that night ? steaming hot, intensely flavoured, rich and dark… but then, the spoon arrived, a single polished silver spoon, could this be true ? Eyes were directed to the kitchen, noses poised upon the glass windows of our private room. We gazed upon the happy smiling face of Lord Thøstesen beaming up from his abode below. The VGE would soon be ours…

VGE… sorry, The VGE resulted in a blissful silence around the table. The ‘ratatouille’ moment, where we were all whisked off to pastures calmer, no problems, no worries. Under the crisp roof of butter’y puff pastry, cubes of foie swam in a hot pool of intense consommé, vegetables, marrow and tender herb’ed breast.

Genius… enough said.

Lord Ragnar & Mr. Mortensen share a moment – this is what good food does to one.

>>> boys’n’girls… well probably more accurately put, old-geezers’n’pretty young things.  


Fabulous foie gras au torchon, hazelnut’ed and heavily truffled. Beautiful pickled beetroots by an equally beautiful Bornholmer, the most beautiful I have yet to meet. Pernille, Daniel & a well-lit-doll-like Charlotte. Our Jesper toying, playing, one suspects, hard to get.

Per’s garlic’y braised snails came and went, they didn’t last long. A flashed Lady Flensborg and a well-dickied Daniel tucking into his little pot of creamed and breadcrumbed mussels.

… the three Stooge’s, the Unusual Suspects, the gastronomic Musketeers III, rather artistically blurred. Someone must have slipped something into my drink… alchohol maybe ?

>>> to be continued.



This blogging lark isn’t really as simple as it’s cracked up to be. Don’t really know what went wrong with my previous effort, only half of the images that were attached, actually arrived at my publication desk, sorry peeps, I’ll try again. To much data maybe? too interesting? or just the images may have been just too graphic?

… our arrival, chez Per, at his beloved Bistro Boheme. Sharp suited and beautifully booted, ready to rumble. Shirts pressed and unbuttoned to the navel, others sporting dicky-bows, tipped hats and shades.

… cocktail dresses, kisses. Well trimmed and gloriously groomed. The beauties of chez Paul were witness to the culinary might of Lord Thøstesen and his delightful peoples. Classic French dishes of depth and flavour, in these dark days of food that tastes of next-too-nothing – the man disappointed not. Tastes bold, tastes buxom.

Trays and trays of lush oysters arrived well-Champagne’d, The Daniel studied whilst our crab salad popped rather strangely…. puppies pupp’ed.

>>> aaaaaaaaaaarh ! the eureka moment, I think I’ve cracked it. Only 1GB per post, silly me. Will have to indeed sort that little problem out.

>>> Until then please follow the exploits of my peoples, chez Per, that night, throughout the next few posts.

Thankyou dearly, for your patience with an amateur blogger, I indeed do ; ))



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